Choosing a photographer for a wedding is a big decision. First of all the photographer is going to be with you the whole day! Do you like them? Will you feel comfortable around them? It's my experience that the energy the photographer projects gets reflected in the faces of the people they are photographing. Secondly, do you like their work? Is their style a fit with your expectations? This is not the type of thing you can re-shoot if you are not happy with what you get.

If you have decided that you like my work, and will enjoy spending the day with me, then here are a few other things to keep in mind. Overall all my style is journalistic, but my approach is very corporate. I was a video producer in my past life. I use many of the skills I learned in production when planning a wedding. I take all the information from you & the venue coordinator and create a detailed shooting schedule for the day. It is my goal to plan ahead so we can all be relaxed on the day of. Even when details change I'm prepared with Plan B. Allow your big day to unfold and enjoy it, whether that means bad weather, forgetting jewelry, or events running way off schedule. Keeping an open mind allows spontaneity to surprise you and create images that are uniquely yours. It is an honor to work with families on milestone events, particularly a wedding. I feel privileged to be allowed into your inner circle. I feel compelled to capture pictures you will be proud to show your family and friends for a lifetime.