As a provider of backup technology for growing businesses, it’s crucial that we showcase our solution in a way that speaks directly to our target audience. Maura went the extra mile to guarantee our product shots stood out in a crowded field, and set the tone for a successful campaign start to finish. When introducing new photography to marketing collateral, it’s essential that everyone on the team understands the value proposition. Maura made sure she did—and she was a true partner in the process. A consummate professional with a keen eye and boundless energy, Maura was a joy to work with. Our experience with MWP could not have been better.
— Ellen O’Brien, Carbonite Corporate Marketing
Maura consistently takes great head shots and is able to put people at ease without wasting time. She has a great process and delivers a fabulous product.
— Kellyanne Dignan Sr. Manager, Cooperative Communications Ocean Spray Cranberries
We have worked with Maura on many occasions for company website photography - both in New York and in Boston - she (and her team) are easy to work with, prompt, professional, smart, great understanding of the audience of her photography and how to capture the best result of the person(s) she is photographing - she engages, spends time, suggests clothing , colors, makeup, she sets the scene, etc. She uses the best makeup artists for women and men, her assistants are fantastic.
Maura — Patient and kind, lovely, terrific, professional sense of humor - a real artist of photography. Passionate about her work.
Vestar Capital Partners would hire Maura (and continue to do so) without hesitation - she is highly regarded by us.
— Lorraine C. Ranahan Vestar Capital Partners