My first camera was a gift from my Dad on my 16th birthday. The first real picture I took was of my brother and sister sitting in a field of grass (see below right.) I took the picture while we were visiting colleges in a 28 foot camper (5 kids ages 4-16 and my mom- epic!) It was after taking this picture that I chose to express my creativity through the lens of a camera. 

I learned my technical skills studying for a BFA at Cornell University.  I went on to work for 12+ years as a video producer. My experience working directly with corporate clients in the production world helps me translate ideas into images.  I have an artistic eye for posing, location scouting and props that result in unique images reflecting the essence of the companies I work with.

I live in Wellesley, Massachusetts where I enjoy time with family, swimming, the beach and friends. 

Maura Wayman

Maura Wayman

The image that started it all.

The image that started it all.



244 Linden Street
Wellesley, MA  02482


+1 617-308-1963


I'm a Jersey Girl.  I grew up hanging down the shore with my girlfriends listening to Bruce & Bon Jovi.  It was here that I developed my love of all things entertainment.  In a perfect world I’d be Madonna’s Personal assistant.

In pursuit of my dream I attended The University of Wisconsin - Madison, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio, TV and Film. I worked in the Big Apple for High Bar Productions producing BodyShaping and other fitness programs for ESPN before moving to Boston and working as a Video & Event Producer with Cramer Productions.  Before joining Maura, I was a full time mom, a volunteer for many charitable organizations including the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America and a part time interior design project manager.

I live in Newton with my family and still enjoy hanging down the shore and the occasional concert.


Robin Davis

Robin Davis